We are an agile, reliable, and value-for-money provider that delivers services and products in a way that meets our customers’ needs so they can focus on their core business.

Everything we do is to positively influence the delivery of essential products and services.

We foster a dynamic culture of transparency, innovation and continual improvement, to create a natural foundation from which all thrive.

With a physical presence in Australia and the United Arab Emirates, we are well-positioned to offer our range of services and products globally.


Michael Nicholas

Chief Executive Officer

Consec Group

Michael is an enthusiastic leader who believes that investing in the development of people is intrinsic to an ideal outcome, both personally and commercially.

His career was forged in the Australian Defence Force with a disciplined focus and commitment to surpassing expectation. After dedicating a further 15 years to the training and development of those to follow in his footsteps, he has now spent over 20 years applying his leadership and motivational skills to Private Enterprise.

Nicholaus Hilf

Chief Operating Officer

Consec Group (Australia)

Nick is a management, security, manufacturing and information technology professional with an established track record at executive and operational levels spanning some 30+ years.

His portfolio has included product development, quality management as well as contract development and administration.

He is an energetic individual who thrives on the challenge of continuously bringing leading state-of-the-art products to the market and developing innovative solutions to complex issues. Nick has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Certificate of Applied Sciences and a variety of security and technical qualifications.

Bart van der Plas

Chief Operating Officer

Consec Group (UAE)

Bart is a senior engineering professional with broad international experience and a graduate of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Drilling & Production Technology.

He has a can-do attitude, is result-driven, pragmatic, and highly influential with a clear strategic vision and a commercial mindset.

Bart can build and lead teams and has a strong technical and commercial expertise with an outstanding track record of delivering projects.

Mack Saraswat

Chief Innovation Officer

Shield Ventures

Dr. Mack is an experienced tech entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in various verticals of scientific discovery.

Skilled in Product Development, Business Planning and Execution, Operations Management, and New Venture Development, Mack is a strong technological and business development professional with a Ph.D.

He has been granted patents and published peer-reviewed papers in international journals and government white papers.

Daniel Winnel

Chief Technical Officer

Consec Group

Dan is a dedicated and energetic individual with some 20 years’ experience in compliance-related roles.

He also spent 6 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Flight Sergeant Airborne Electronics Analyst.

Dan has a wealth of experience managing and coaching teams of security personnel, developing and implementing new technologies, and managing safety and compliance in both government and civil sectors.

Dan has formal qualifications in Applied Management, Applied Science in Data Analysis, Information Technology, Workplace Assessment, and Internal Auditing.

Bob Kane

General Manager


Bob is a dynamic, enterprising professional with 45 years of distinguished service in commando operations, firearms training, VIP protection and law enforcement. He has international experience with protective security details, facility protection, and risk management assessments.

Bob is a dedicated and enthusiastic trainer with comprehensive expertise in designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating diverse training programs, assuring high standards of learning outcomes, assessments, and compliance. He is committed to providing world-class training that is scientifically sound, realistic, and operationally valid. As one of the pioneers of modern firearms and reality-based training in Australia, his training methodology is widely used by specialist police and military teams worldwide.

Bob has Master’s degrees in Education, Criminology and Criminal Psychology.

Irfan Syed

General Manager


Irfan is a senior IT consultant with over 13 years of international experience in cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and product development. Irfan holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Concordia University of Wisconsin (USA).

He has robust methodologies and strong technical expertise to create synergy within a team and is always focused on delivering output that meets the client’s requirements.

 Irfan has a history of successfully driving projects in Learning & Development, Product Development, IT Project consulting, and outsourcing.